Closest attractions and approximate distances

Temple of tooth (750m)

The Temple of the Tooth, or Sri DaladaMaligawa as is referred to by the locals, is a seventeenth century temple that is believed to be home to the upper canine tooth of the Lord Buddha himself. The temple has been subject to many violent attacks over the centuries, but its elaborate interior carvings and decorations had been fully restored to its former glory each time.

Kandy City Center (750m)
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The most current shopping complex located in Sri Lanka, Kandy City Centre’s modern interiors holds several leading banks, a supermarket, restaurants, an entertainment zone, and even a food court. The iconic Kandyan architecture visible from the outside also adds a touch of historical culture to the otherwise contemporary structure.

YMBA Cultural Show (300m)

Kandyan Dance, an exuberant combination of drumming, costumes and athletic dancing, is the most famous cultural product of Sri Lanka. A few places in Kandy put on a daily show, and the performance at the YMBA (Young Men’s Buddhist Association) is popular among visitors to Kandy.

According to the legend, the origins of the dance lie in an exorcism ritual known as the KohombaKankariya, which was originally performed by Indian shamans who came to the island.

According to legend, the Indian shamans came to the island upon the request of a king who was suffering from a mysterious illness. The king was said to be suffering from recurring dream in which a leopard directing its longue towards the king. Which is believed as a black magic of “Kuweni” the first wife of the king “Vijaya”? After the performance of the KohombaKankariya the illness vanished, and many natives adopted the dance.

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Restaurants and Bars (25m)
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There are quite a few excellent restaurants within 5 to 10 mints walk that serves lunch and dinner. They do have a bar where you can chill out at your leisure. Our staff will be more than happy to provide you more information.

Kandy Lake (400m)

Constructed in 1807 by King Sri VikramaRaiasinha beside the sacred Temple of the Tooth, Kandy Lake is the source of many legends and folklore. Many believe that the island residing at the centre of the lake was connected to the King’s palace by a secret tunnel.

Ceylon Tea Museum (5km)

This museum dedicated to one of Sri Lanka’s prime exports is the perfect tourist destination. Exhibitions on vintage pieces of machinery, audio visual presentations, and a selection of Sri Lanka’s finest tea available for sale in the outlets located on the third floor. A restaurant takes up the entirety of the fourth floor, which provides diners with a breath-taking view of the entire town, as well as the beautiful hills surrounding it.

Botanical Garden (6km)